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Celatom® Diatomaceous Earth Filter Aid

Our Product Overview

Celatom® Filter Pink (FP) grades of diatomaceous earth (DE) are calcined and light pink. These grades make for an excellent filter aid, especially as a polish filter aid. Permeability is between 60-1300 millidarcy.

Celatom® Filter White (FW) flux-calcined diatomaceous earth (DE) ranges in color from bright white to light pink. These filter aid grades have a wide range of filtration capabilities and a wide range of particle size removal properties. Permeability is between 420-20,000 millidarcies.

Key Product Functions:

  • Coarse Filtration
  • Filter Aid
  • Food Grade DE (Meets US Food Chemicals Codex Standards)
  • Haze Control
  • Medium Filtration
  • Non-Toxic to People And Animals
  • Oil Drilling Carrier
  • Processing Aid
  • Provides Bulk & Absorption

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